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For over fifteen years, I have utilized Buckman Enochs Coss to hire over one hundred individuals for Sales and Sales Management positions for a variety of healthcare technology firms. Whether it’s been for Fortune 500 companies or early stage, VC backed start-ups, BEC has always done a terrific job in sourcing top-talent.

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Top Selling Human Pharmaceuticals of 2010
Top Selling Human Pharmaceuticals of 2010

2010 saw the global pharmaceutical market grow to an astounding $850 billion—in spite of a challenging economy and unpredictable market conditions. And, with patents on several blockbuster drugs expiring, the generic drug market increased their share to $120 billion.

So what were the top sellers in 2010? Here is a breakdown:

1. Atorvastatin (Lipitor by Pfizer, Astellas) – This cholesterol medication tops the list with sales of $11.4 billion in 2010 (a decrease from $12.45 billion in 2009).

2. Clopidrogel (Plavix by Bristol Myers Squibb, Sanofi Aventis) - $9.6 billion (up from $9.29 billion in 2009)

3. Etanercept (Enbrel by Amgen, Pfizer, Takeda) – $8.4 billion ($8.0 billion in 2009)

4. Fluticasone Salmetrol (Advair by Glaxo Smith Kline) - $7.8 billion ($6.91 billion in 2009)

5. Infliximab (Remicade by J&J, Merck, Mitsubishi Tanabe) - $7.4 billion ($6.91 billion in 2009)

6. Bevacizumab (Avastin by Roche) - $6.9 billion ($5.92 billion in 2009)

7. Rituximab (Rituxan by Roche) - $6.5 billion ($5.8 billion in 2009)

8. Aripiprazole (Abilify by Otsuka, BMS) – $6.2 billion ($5.6 billion in 2009)

9. Valsartan (Diovan by Novartis) – $6.1 billion ($6.01 billion in 2009)

10. Rosuvastatin (Crestor by Astra Zeneca, Shionoggi) – $5.6 billion (4.74 billion in 2009)

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