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Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

Show Passion During Your Interview and Land an Offer

Some employers look for only one or two key credentials during a job interview. If the candidate can demonstrate these credentials — proficiency with a specific software platform, project management skill, or foreign language fluency — the deal is done. But most managers don’t view things in these stark and simple term;, and as vague as it may sound, “passion” can often tip the scales dramatically in the candidate’s favor. During your interview, simply showing signs of interest, curiosity, and generalized ambition can separate you from your competitors, especially at the entry level. Here are a few moves that help you bring out the fire in your belly. 

How did you learn what you know? 
You have knowledge. You have training. You may even have some official certifications under your belt. So how did you acquire these things? If your skills are hard-earned, self-taught, or the result of demonstrated initiative, make this clear. For example, if you had to approach your last boss and ask to be signed up for a seminar, or if you stayed up late night after night teaching yourself advanced software skills, say so. 

Ask assertive questions. 
What do you want to get out of this new job? What skills would you like to gain? What exposure and experience would you like to acquire? Who would you like to work with and what — specifically — would you like to spend your days doing? Ask your interviewer boldly if, when, and how this might happen in your new position. Don’t just answer questions passively; ask your own and don’t back down until you get the answers you need.
Trust matters. 
When your medical sales manager sends you out into the world to meet with clients and represent the company, they need to trust you. Can you generate that same sense of trust during your interview? Does your integrity speak for itself? Are you answering questions and presenting yourself accurately? Of course, there are some questions you don’t have to answer; but if you choose to tell your interviewer about your deepest feelings, your beliefs, your past salary, your dreams, or the true reason you left your last job, make sure everything you decide to share is honest and from the heart. 
If you really want the job, let it show. 
Just because you’re interviewing for a job doesn’t mean you’ll do anything to get it. Don’t send that message if it isn’t accurate, and don’t pretend to be overeager for a job that may not be what you’re after. But if you know that you’re all in and your chips are on the table, go ahead and let your interest shine. 

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