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Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

How Can You Teach Your Sales Team to Be More Strategic in Prospecting?

Your medical sales reps only have so much bandwidth in terms of time and energy, and the economy they apply to that time and energy can mean the difference between success and failure — both for their own careers and for your company’s bottom line. With one day, one week, or 10 minutes to spend on prospecting, how can you help them make the most of the resources available? A strategic approach can dramatically improve sales outcomes, so if you think your teams might benefit from some guidance, keep these tips in mind. 

Develop skills that help reps identify key decision makers.
If your reps are spending too much time on the phone with individuals who can’t influence sales decisions, this is no good. The same applies to meeting time. Some medical administrators may have misleading titles, and some of the seemingly junior members of an administrative team may yield a larger influence than their roles would suggest. Coach and mentor your reps to understand the difference between various types of pharmacy admins, board members, or in some cases, physicians who manage their own practices and exercise total control over prescribing and purchasing decisions. 

Forget excessive cold calling. 
Your reps can pick up the phone and just cold call their way through a long list of seemingly similar names, titles, and roles. Or better, they can identify and skip those who aren’t likely to respond to a pitch, then target those who are more likely and spend more time with these more promising prospects. With more time to spend, the conversation can become warmer and friendlier, and reps can take advantage of the moment to ask contacts about their business. Encourage your reps to cultivate and demonstrate a genuine interest in these conversations. 

Expertise means value. 
If your reps can leverage their product knowledge — including drug pathways and interactions—they’re more likely to gain the respect of medical decision makers. Sometimes physicians and hospital administrators lose patience with reps who hold only shallow knowledge of the subject matter. Help your reps get past this and command more respect. 

Don’t waste time. 
Train and encourage reps to respect their own time as well as that of their contacts. If they can’t answer a question or provide the information and resources the client requests, make sure they end the conversation and seek out these answers quickly. If clients request a connection with a senior manager, they should make introductions and establish this dialogue quickly. Don’t let them spend valuable face-to-face meeting time presenting information that clients already have.  

Work with a top medical sales recruiter.
If you are looking for the right medical sales reps that you can coach into becoming more strategic in their prospecting, contact the top healthcare sales recruiters at Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates.