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Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

Skills to Find the Right Closing Process in Medical Sales

If you’re like most sales managers, you’re always searching for tips, tools and specific skills that can help you land contracts with potential clients. To be specific, you’re looking for skills that can help not just you, but your junior and intermediate reps as well. You want skills you can apply, but also teach. As you work your way toward your goals — both as a sales pro and as a manager — keep these considerations in mind. 

Closing Is Not a Specific Skill
Closing is a multi-stage, multi-level process. One that involves different aspects of knowledge and personality and different layers of intersecting skill sets. A sales pro can excel in some of these skill areas and lag in others. Instead of looking at closing goals from a single-lens perspective, recognize that each sales pro benefits from different types of coaching. And while some sales skills are talent-based and can’t really be “taught,” most are accessible to those who find the right channels and the right mentors.

Closing Involves Deep Layers of Groundwork
Sales pros, no matter how skilled they may be, don’t simply walk into a room and close a deal. The stage-setting process can be long and exhausting and may involve weeks and months of research and relationship building. First, the sales rep (or team) must understand the client’s business model and pain points. Then, the right product must be applied to the right situation for the right person. Then, a conversation begins that may start with a single cold call, but extend into a relationship that may last for years or even decades. When the offer matches the client’s needs and budget, a contract may be signed; but the final handshake represents the tip of a vast iceberg of patience, listening skills, timing and mutual engagement. 

Respect the Timeline
At every point on the long timeline – from first contact to a steady, lasting, profitable relationship – sales pros apply different skills to make the process work. During the early stages, great sales reps establish a sense of trust. At a later point, reliability matters most. At periodic points along the timeline, crisis management skills may be called into effect. When new products are introduced, the reps who shine will be the ones who convince existing customers to make the switch from old to new. Every stage results in a set of right and wrong decisions, so be ready to consult with your reps as their challenges evolve. 

Train Reps to Evaluate Prospects
Save countless time and trouble for your reps by teaching them to assess the value of a relationship at the beginning. If they know which prospects to invest in, they’ll vastly improve their chances of long-term success.

Partner With a Top Medical Sales Recruiter
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