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Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

Sales Team Management: When it’s Time to Take a Step Back

Usually, you want your sales teams firing on all cylinders and moving in one direction: forward. When things are going well, you look around and see energized faces, fearlessness in the face of risk, and total engagement. You know that you’re on the right track and that you’re likely to win by continuing your current course of action. 

But how do you know when it’s time to hit the brakes instead of the gas? What happens when your current course isn’t working out as well as it should, and the path you’re on doesn’t feel like the path to victory? Here are a few common scenarios that warrant a course correction. When these things happen, gather your teams together and reevaluate. Take a step back, reflect on what’s happening, and regroup with a different set of goals in mind. 

Your meetings aren’t going well. 
If you’re falling short of your team goals and your meetings aren’t effectively addressing the issue or getting to the root causes, stop. Don’t just power through and expect things to turn around on their own. Stop following the established pattern and ask your teams for their input. Ask them how things went off the rails and what the group of you might do to bring them back into alignment. Don’t just dictate, criticize, or lecture; solicit possible answers. 

A big account wants to leave or you can’t close a deal. 
Don’t give up in frustration and certainly don’t give up on the account until the door is fully closed. Recognize the problem and take a step back. Ask your reps to evaluate the situation honestly and get the information they need to choose a path forward. Why are the clients losing interest? What can be done to halt the slide? How can the solution be put in place and executed? Can the problem be solved with better communication, strategic discounts, or a clearer presentation of the larger issues? 

When you don’t like your leads. 
Sometimes your reps bring in great leads, and sometimes they don’t. But what happens if your leads are consistently unpromising or off the mark? Sit down with your teams and work together to identify negative patterns or repeated cracks in your approach. Are you targeting the wrong markets? Maybe your reps are misinterpreting pain points or areas of interest. Align your perspectives and figure out what you’re collectively missing. 

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Don’t give up on your teams, and don’t give up on your clients until you’ve tried every possible approach and you’ve done everything to turn the train around. For guidance, turn to the medical sales recruiters at Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates.