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For over fifteen years, I have utilized Buckman Enochs Coss to hire over one hundred individuals for Sales and Sales Management positions for a variety of healthcare technology firms. Whether it’s been for Fortune 500 companies or early stage, VC backed start-ups, BEC has always done a terrific job in sourcing top-talent.

Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

Assess Your Sales Coaching Strategy

You’re doing your best to provide the sales training and one-on-one coaching your medical sales reps need for success. You read the literature, follow the guidance of your own mentor, and learn from every one of your personal experiences, both the positive and the negative; but are your coaching strategies really working? They may sound great on paper, but are you following the right path and gaining measurable results? Here are three signs that indicate you’re doing the right thing. 

Your team turns to you for help. 
Both individually and as a group, your reps know they can turn to you when they have a technical question or simply need advice. They come to you automatically when they need support while strengthening a relationship with a client, recovering from a disappointment, or closing a deal on the home stretch by offering the right incentives and discounts. If they’re struggling to solve problems on their own before reaching out, that’s fine. And if they’re putting their heads together and placing their trust in each other, that’s even better. But you know you’re doing something right if they turn to you. If your reps know they can trust you to provide long-term answers and meaningful help, (not judgment or brush-offs), then give yourself an A+ for your coaching skills.  

They can use your advice to close. 
It’s okay to get on the phone now and then and intervene with a client if your rep calls for backup, and there’s nothing wrong with visiting a client now and then. Your appearance can reassure the client that upper management is always a phone call away, and it can reassure the rep that you have their back. But if your reps are truly getting the most out of your advice and coaching, they can use that advice and coaching alone to get the job done. They can take the things they’ve learned combined with the guidance you’ve given and close on their own. 

They can predict what you’ll say. 
You’ll know that you’re truly in their heads when your sales reps can guess what you’re going to say before you say it. They can bring you a question already knowing what the answer will probably be. That’s when you know you’ve made a lasting impact. In the best-case scenario, they have a question, they feel comfortable turning to you, and they don’t need to because they already know how you’re going to answer. They then apply that answer and achieve a positive outcome. There’s no better feeling than watching your proteges spread their wings and succeed on their own! 

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