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Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

Have Your Sales Team Stand Out With These Tips

Your medical sales team is fully committed, energized, highly trained, and ready for success. They make a great team, and nothing can stand in their way! But there’s just one small problem: All of these things can also be said of their competitors. You don’t just want your medical sales team to make the right moves and follow the right playbook; you also want them to offer something that their competitors can’t. So make the most of every advantage you have, but while you do this, use the tips below to give your sales reps the little extra edge that helps them stand out and get ahead of the game. 

Have a goal and work toward it
Tighten and clarify your goals. Not just once a year, but constantly. And not just individual goals, but team goals as well. Every single day, each member of the team should have a goal hanging right in front of them that they can achieve by the end of the day. They should have another clear set of larger goals that they can reach by the end of the week. And so on. Whatever the next goal may be, it should be close, clear, shared, and achievable. 

Value your role on the team
You may not head out with your teams on every single sales call, but your role is important, and should not be undervalued. You provide the coaching and encouragement your teams need, you set an example, and you serve as a liaison between your reps and upper management, making sure they have everything they need for success when they hit the road. Don’t undervalue or misunderstand your position.  

Be ethical
Do the right thing. Not just sometimes, but always. And not just when it’s easy. Do the right thing even when it’s difficult, even when it makes you unpopular, and even when it negatively affects the bottom line or jeopardizes a sale. Put the right thing at the top, and the company’s interests second. Why? Because your sales teams are watching you and when you demonstrate integrity, you earn their trust. 

Make each customer feel unique and valued
Each time your reps meet with a client (and each time you or your medical science liaisons or a senior executive participate in these meetings), make sure the client feels validated, respected, and understood. Try to make your client feel like the only one you have on your mind. 

Focus on the present and future
Don’t rest on your successes. Take a minute to celebrate and encourage, and then immediately start making a plan for the next step. If you do this, your teams will pick up the habit. Every day, week and year should start with a plan. 

For more on how to help your medical sales teams stand out from the crowd, turn to the medical sales recruiters at Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates.