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Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

Why You Shouldn’t Discount Your Medical Products and Services

As a sales manager, you may be pressured with a specific request by clients, customers, and sales reps hoping to win them over: A request for discounts. In the moment, offering or allowing a discount in order to land a contract or appease a customer may seem like a smart move. This can come off as a gesture of good will, a form of relationship building, an attempt at compromise during a tough negotiation, or just a nice way to reward a customer who has shown loyalty to your organization. But before you sign off on this action, think twice. 

There are a few key ways that a lax approach to discounting can actually set you back over both the long and short term. The next time you feel the pressure to say yes to this request, keep two considerations in mind: Your overall brand identity and your long term reputation in the marketplace. Recognize that reckless discounting can plant a few seeds that you’d rather not cultivate. 

A deep discount can undermine your value proposition. 
Whatever your product or service may be, you provide something necessary — even vital — to your healthcare clients and buyers. Your value may target very specific pain points or meet very specific needs within a narrow segment of the industry, but the point remains: Your product has real value, and that value is not to be taken lightly. If you’re new to the marketplace and you haven’t yet proven that value, a few strategic discounts can open doors … But once those doors have been opened and the proof has been supplied, make sure your value stays consistent with your rate. 

Deep discounts aren’t fair to your current customers. 
There are several paths around this argument, but don’t let yourself be steered down those paths without a fight. Your current customers are gaining the value of your service/product and they’ve demonstrated good faith, loyalty, and respect for the relationship. If they discover that you’ve handed a discount to a customer who HASN’T done these things, they’re within their rights to ask for and expect the same treatment. 

Focus on demonstrating value
As unfair and illogical as it may sound, customers often interpret a discount offer as a sign that you’re more interested in playing pricing games then providing real substance. Of course, both of these things (competitive pricing and value) are attractive to customers, but as a matter of general principal, try to focus on the second more than the first. Encourage your reps to do the same. 

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