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Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

How Will User Behavior Affect Medical Devices?

Earlier this year, riding the growing wave of personal health monitoring technology and apps, Outcomes Based Healthcare launched a new app with high potential and plenty of popular appeal — an app that monitors incoming user data and sends users an alert when they might be getting sick. Unlike other popular apps that serve a similar purpose by monitoring personal exercise patterns and nutrition data, this app keeps track of the user’s interaction with their devices. Activity levels, overall engagement, and an analysis of search data can indicate changing behavior patterns, which can, in turn, indicate an oncoming cold, a drop in exercise, or even conditions like depression. 

This kind of data monitoring is hardly new, and wearable health monitors have been gathering and processing user information for several years now. But the potential benefits and new applications of this technology are rapidly altering the medical device landscape. Robotic surgical devices may have ruled the market landscape during the early and mid-2000’s, but their rule is about to be usurped by the hot item of the next decade: services and devices that monitor individual behavior and use collected information to diagnose and treat health conditions. 

User behavior: Preparing for a land grab.  
There are few guarantees in the world of medical device sales, and the future of healthcare remains as uncertain as ever in 2017. But a few factors that will impact this future are clear: First, patients will be taking more control over their own health as the population ages and the future of insurance access remains in jeopardy. And second, apps and monitoring technology will proliferate rapidly. Development efforts are on the rise and are showing no signs of slowing down. 

As an ambitious, aspiring medical sales pro, what does this trend mean for you? If you’re mapping out a long-term career in this specific corner of the healthcare sales field, keep an eye on the products and applications that may dominate the landscape as they emerge. Recognize major players and rising stars in this arena — including OBH — and subscribe to blogs and publications that can keep you in the loop. Seek out networking opportunities and contacts that can provide information as well as potential sales leads. And of course, be ready to take action if opportunities appear that can move your career in this direction. 

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