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Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

How to Lead Your Team with Careful Planning

As a leader, it’s your job to motivate, inspire, coach, train, and rally your team when things don’t go their way. You keep morale high and attention focused, and you help your individual team members set and keep personal goals. But there’s one task that undergirds all of these others, a simple job that lies at the heart of your many and varied responsibilities: Planning.

With a strong, carefully laid plan, there’s nothing your team can’t accomplish and no storm they can’t weather. Even when things don’t work out the way they should, a solid plan can help your team refocus and get back on track without missing a single beat. As the current year winds down and the next one waits on the horizon, will you be ready for whatever surprises 2017 might bring? Build a plan, and your answer will be yes. 

Assess your challenges and obstacles. 
If you know that your company will be growing and expanding next year, what kinds of challenges might keep you hedged in? If you know that you’ll be facing a big transition, what obstacles are waiting to derail your forward motion? What stands between you and your goals? Tackle these problems now and map a route around, over, or through them.
Use your strengths. 
You need to hire five new staff members during the year ahead, and you may be saying goodbye to three others. So how can you attract the best applicants and keep your teams on track as they deal with pending gaps in their workflow and social order? Deploy your strongest assets — including your human assets — in ways that work to your best advantage. 

Set goals and share them with your team. 
Planning is important, and effective planning requires transparency. As soon as you know what you’re doing and where you’re headed, bring your teams into the loop. Share your perspective on what needs to be done, and share your confidence that it will be done. Openness and optimism can take your plan from a sheet of paper or a bullet-pointed list and bring it into three-dimensional reality. 

Listen and solicit input. 
If your team members can see challenges ahead that you can’t see, listen. If they have suggestions that you haven’t thought of, take those suggestions into account. If they don’t share your optimism, find out why. If they can identify a more expedient route to a shared goal, ask them to present and explain it. Involve your teams in the planning process on every level. 

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