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Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

When Do You Take No for An Answer?

Early in their careers, some sales reps approach prospects with a confused understanding of concepts like “persistence” and “determination.” They believe that “no” simply means, “Ask me in a different way, and I’ll eventually say yes.” Their refusal to back away from a potential deal makes them feel tenacious, but as long as they hold this line, they hurt their reputations, antagonize potential customers, and make fools of themselves and their employers. Here are a few reasons to let go of a potential contract and walk away before investing too heavily. 

Time is money (really). 
Every time you refuse to leave, continue making calls, or draft yet another unwelcome follow-up email, you spend precious hours on an unpromising prospect. And you’d be far better off spending that time on something else. If your prospect says no early in the engagement, every hour you spend with them from that point forward can be measured and assigned a dollar value. Expend that money elsewhere. 

Long-term relationships matter more than individual sales. 
Applying unwelcome pressure doesn’t just waste your time; it’s antagonizing and annoying. Annoyed prospects have long memories, and if you start the relationship off on the wrong foot, you’ll have trouble engaging with this customer for years to come. Instead, demonstrate respect and move along. By doing so, you’ll create a foundation for a healthy and thriving relationship in the future. 

Respect can be surprising. 
Far too often, customers expect salespeople to be self-interested and sales relationships to be antagonistic. They automatically adopt a defensive position and expect their assertions to be challenged. So if you simply pack up and show yourself out after a “no,” you’ll catch your customers off guard and provide a pleasant surprise. This can instantly differentiate you from your competitors. With one simple move, you’ll be making a clear statement: You respect this person, you value this relationship, and when they say they aren’t interested in what you have to offer, you take them at their word. 

A “no” answer rarely changes. 
Despite what novice sales reps tend to believe, persistent pressure and repetition rarely convert a no into a yes. Potential customers aren’t usually “worn down” and badgered into a sale, and even if they are, the hard terms they negotiate don’t land in the company’s favor. Avoid spending far too much time and money pestering a client into an agreement that isn’t worth the cost. Just say thank you and walk away. 

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