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Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

Motivate Your Sales Team with Unique Experiences

After a few years of experience in a supervisory position, most medical and pharma sales managers learn a critical lesson: Different employees respond to different forms of motivation. Every sales job requires energy and commitment, but in order to tap into that well of energy, managers need to recognize and respect the distinct personalities of their sales reps. Some reps respond to gifts (like event tickets), some perk up at the promise of cash and bonuses, and some (in fact, most) respond positively to food (like pizza Fridays and free lunches). 

But some personalities are especially tuned into rewards that take the form of an experience. As it happens, some of your more ambitious team members may be inspired to work by the prospect of more work — which is to say, they jump at any opportunity for advancement, exposure, and new forms of professional experience. If you have a few of these curious, driven go-getters on your team, here are a few ways to show your appreciation for their hard work. 

Provide contact with influential leaders. 
If you know that your sales rep admires a certain organizational or industry leader, why not call in some favors or use your own influence to arrange a lunch meeting? Choose a person who can inspire, teach, or connect your rep to a higher level of the industry. You can also pull some strings to get your rep a seat at a speaking event, backstage access, a personal mentoring opportunity, or even just a handshake introduction. Your gesture can light a spark, and that spark might take your employee — and your team — further than you expect. 

Provide one-on-one advice. 
Sitting down with your ambitious employee for a personal chat about the direction of their career can send two strong messages: First, it shows that you have faith in this employee and you believe that they’re on track to meaningful growth. Second, it shows that you’re ready to invest time and care in the finer details of their training. You’re making yourself available, offering personal encouragement, and providing the attention and mentoring that make employees feel appreciated. 

Send your employee away. 
Show your thanks and support by sending your employee to conferences, seminars, retreats, or events that you know this specific employee will appreciate. Pay for hotels and travel, and go the extra mile to make the experience meaningful. 

Provide leadership opportunities. 
Give your ambitious rep a chance to lead a meeting, spearhead a project, or take control during an upcoming challenge. For some employees, this opportunity will hold even more value than money, time off, or a free lunch. 

Tailor your motivation strategy to meet the needs of each person on your team. For tips and guidance, reach out to the sales staffing experts at Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates.