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For over fifteen years, I have utilized Buckman Enochs Coss to hire over one hundred individuals for Sales and Sales Management positions for a variety of healthcare technology firms. Whether it’s been for Fortune 500 companies or early stage, VC backed start-ups, BEC has always done a terrific job in sourcing top-talent.

Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

Does Your Presentation Differentiate your Product and Company?

When you joined your current company, you were taught to sell your product or discuss your company’s programs and offerings in a certain way. You’re a great listener and a fast learner, so you got the basics nailed down pretty fast. There’s only one problem: Everybody else in your field, including your competitors, received similar training. So they’re all going to be presenting their information in a similar way. That helps if you’re trying to fit in, but in sales, you don’t just want to fit in; you want to stand out. Find a way to differentiate your product, your company — and yourself — in a crowded, similar marketplace. 

First, ask. 
Speak up and explain your thoughts to your sales manager and your team. There’s a possibility that a training program or set of protocols already exist for this purpose, and if your company can train you to help them stand out, take advantage of the opportunity. If no such training exists, sit with your mentor or manager and talk about how this company’s culture or track record can set them apart. 

Make your reasons known. 
You aren’t trying to fix what isn’t broken and you aren’t necessarily trying to change the status quo; you’re just trying to do your job, and it’s your job to sell. You know that it doesn’t benefit the company when you model your presentation after that of every other sales rep to meet with your clients or medical decision makers. So make it clear that you just want what’s better for everyone, including the bottom line. 

Listen carefully.
Your managers may not recognize what your relationship with the client looks like on the ground floor, so they may be offering information that they develop based on their own experience and knowledge, not yours. Listen to what they say while also helping them find a halfway point between their definition of “differentiate” and yours.

Open your mind. 
What looks dull and cookie-cutter to you may not look that way to a more experienced sales pro who has in-depth knowledge and long-standing relationship with this client. Sometimes things enter the realm of boring tradition or robotic protocol because they actually work. Before you dismiss methods that you think aren’t working, look closer. 

Look for technological options your manager may not know about. 
Do some research on your own and look for multimedia or data presentation methods that may be new to your boss. Share them and express a willingness to use them and learn more about them. Frame yourself as an innovator while also finding new ways to get your point across to your target audience. 

If you are looking for the right talent to showcase your products and companies with healthcare professionals, reach out to the medical sales recruiters at Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates.