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For over fifteen years, I have utilized Buckman Enochs Coss to hire over one hundred individuals for Sales and Sales Management positions for a variety of healthcare technology firms. Whether it’s been for Fortune 500 companies or early stage, VC backed start-ups, BEC has always done a terrific job in sourcing top-talent.

Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

Internal Promotions: What to Look for

You’re always on the hunt for top talent, and when you have a position to fill, you keep a sharp eye out for signs of high potential. You know how to spot a promising resume from a mile away, and your interview skills are on point. But this time, you’re not sifting through resumes or interviewing strangers; you’re attempting to staff your open position with an internal candidate, someone who may be ready for a promotion or transfer within the organization. So how can you identify this person? You already know your current staff pretty well, and you like them all. Their hard work and friendly faces make this place great. So how can you spot the candidate with the highest potential for success in this new role? 

Look for teaching skill
Choose a candidate who steps naturally and easily into mentoring and training positions. Does your target candidate take new employees under their wing without being asked? Do they encourage struggling teammates? Do they take the time to sit with new trainees and help them navigate the system? Are they patient and generous with their knowledge? 

Watch conversational patterns
As you search for leadership potential, observe conversational patterns. When your ideal candidate chats with another person, they should spend more time listening than talking. Instead of bragging about themselves, they should ask questions and keep the conversation focused on the other person. When they do make a declarative statement, it should be true and meaningful. When they contribute an idea or suggestion, it should be thoughtful and relevant to the issue at hand. Too much self-involvement and self-congratulation should serve as red flags.  

Look for personal investment in the company
Everyone who works here cares about the fate of the company, to some degree. You don’t typically hire candidates who drift in and out with no concern for the larger enterprise. But candidates with high leadership potential don’t just care about the company; they care for the right reasons. They aren’t just here for a paycheck. They’re here because they believe in this company’s mission, they understand it, and they’re proud to be a part of it. They care about the long-term satisfaction of your company’s clients, the patients who use your products, and the entire web of stakeholders who may be affected by the actions of the team. When the company makes a poor decision, they speak up. When the company makes a smart decision, they feel a sense of personal pride. 

If you aren’t able to promote internally and are looking for great candidates to join your healthcare organization for a long time, contract the great team of medical sales recruiters at Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates. As a leader among healthcare recruitment firms, we have the right fit that will help your company grow!