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Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

Will Referrals Bring in Top Medical Sales People?

When you’re looking to add new faces to your sales team, you have plenty of sourcing options available. You can turn to your recruiters and leverage their professional networks, you can post available positions online, or you can hire and promote from within. But make sure you’re also supplementing those efforts with a powerful tool that’s accessible, positive, reliable and (mostly) free: Referrals! Asking your current teams to recruit their friends, family, and professional contacts can help you target an additional pool of highly promising applicants. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind. 

Using referrals can help you shape and elevate your company culture. 
As you create job posts and appeal to potential applicants, you use your culture to sell your company. You explain exactly why and how this is a great place to work and you hope your message gets through. But when you encourage referrals, your potential applicants get the story right from the source. Who better to explain the merits of this workplace than the company’s own ambassadors? When you let your own workers do the talking and the selling, you take your already-great culture and make it stronger and better. 

Referrals are built on rewards and encouragement. 
Ask your current employees to bring in referrals, but don’t just ask; offer meaningful rewards and public praise for every successful hire. Provide generous compensation for recommendations, and reward employees for their outreach efforts on social media. Consider different levels of rewards, one for a hiring bonus and then another bonus for a retention or achievement bonus of the new hire. 

Maintain high standards. 
Make it clear to your employees that you aren’t just looking for anyone. You have high standards, and you’ll hire only the best. But when you do make that hire, you’ll consider it a major victory for the company, and you’ll appreciate the work of anyone who contributed. Your employees may want to work with their friends, but they must also remember they want to work for a thriving company that continues to grow and be successful. 

Set clear terms. 
Encourage your employees to fully understand the nature and requirements of an open position before convincing their friends to apply. Clarity and open communication can solve countless problems before they begin, and setting clear terms for each open position can make it easier for both you and your applicants to recognize a promising match. 

Help your employees make a pitch. 
Your employees should recognize the benefits and perks of working for your company, and even more so the individuals who apply to the open position in question. Help them to help you by sharing some general talking points about the qualities that make this place great. You don’t want to discourage their own input, but sometimes your employees forget the general reasons to work for your company. Providing the talking points will do nothing but help them with the referral process. 

If you need some assistance in bringing in the top medical sales talent to your organization, work with the medical and pharmaceutical sales staffing experts at Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates.