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For over fifteen years, I have utilized Buckman Enochs Coss to hire over one hundred individuals for Sales and Sales Management positions for a variety of healthcare technology firms. Whether it’s been for Fortune 500 companies or early stage, VC backed start-ups, BEC has always done a terrific job in sourcing top-talent.

Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

Adopting New Technology and Changing the Pharma Sales Landscape
Shifting consumer markets and the arrival of new technological tools can change an entire industry overnight; and when this happens, the sales teams and vendors who cater to that industry are required to change as well. If they don’t keep up, they slip through the cracks, and their competitors move into the new era without them. This dynamic has taken place in almost every industry in a steady process that goes back for hundreds of years, but nowhere does this pattern appear more clearly than in the healthcare industry at the dawn of the 21st century. 

New technological advances, new factors affecting the distribution of healthcare services, and new patient demands have now taken center stage in ways that were unimaginable just a few decades ago. And as prescribing practices, treatment protocols, record keeping, and countless aspects of healthcare delivery shift toward future models, pharmaceutical sales approaches are shifting as well. Early adopters – not hesitant, conservative decision makers — are more likely to maintain their stride and serve their health system clients effectively. 

Embracing Experimentation

Much of the technology entering the healthcare sphere is consumer-focused. For example, a host of new apps and platforms are appearing every day that allow patients to manage and access their own records, influence their treatments, and monitor their own health metrics. But engaging with these tools on a development and partnership level can be financially risky. The pharma companies that win will be those that are unafraid to invest and experiment with tools and resources that are untested and unproven. Organizations that wait for their competitors to take the leap first will fall behind. Let go of the pack mentality! 

Embrace a diverse and collaborative culture. 

Innovation begins with collaboration, and collaboration begins with sharing. Though sharing massive data files with healthcare stakeholders, researchers, and even competitors may seem to put a company at risk, this bold, inclusive attitude will actually move the company — and the entire industry — forward. 

Focus on the consumer experience. 

Too many pharmaceutical companies remain stubbornly focused on the bottom line and consequently miss opportunities to connect with consumers and enhance the healthcare delivery experience. Sometimes building something new — like a new physician or patient-facing portal — can take some time and may require interruptions to current revenue flows. But in the long run, pleasing the consumer pays off.  Partnering with IT experts and encouraging their involvement in consumer facing initiatives can speed growth and development on these fronts and bring visible results in a shorter timeframe. 

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