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Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

Pharma Companies Provide Solutions, Not Just Products
Among other responsibilities, the domain of the pharmaceutical company once covered branding, product storylines, patient perceptions, provider perceptions and the collection and analysis of vast amounts of clinical data. But as most pharma sales managers recognize, the healthcare landscape is changing rapidly, and the business landscape for the pharma industry is changing just as fast. Where pharmaceutical companies once provided products and pills — after lengthy research, development, and direct outreach to prescribers — much of this territory is being overtaken by other elements of the healthcare chain. 

For example, technology companies are making inroads into areas like diabetes care, creating solutions that allow patients to collect and upload glucose data, which gives both patients and providers access to real-time changes and greater control over the treatment process. New apps that monitor patient heath data and give greater treatment control to physicians and health systems gradually become the arena of tech providers and start-ups, but savvy pharma companies can work together with these technology players to develop the products and diagnostic tools that can streamline healthcare and improve outcomes in the future. 

In order to develop and strengthen these partnerships, pharma companies need to improve their digital infrastructure so they can better manage complex trials and share early data. These types of collaborations are already present in the areas of HIV and oncology, but potential applications and opportunities are widespread within other disease areas as well. 

As an additional benefit, partnering with technology companies and digital solution providers can mitigate some of the cost and risk associated with clinical trials and combo therapies. Multi-company partnerships can also allow each organization to contribute its own specific strengths and specialties areas while pursuing the common goal of better patient care. 

Boldly stepping into the arena of technology partnerships can set nimble, patient-focused pharma companies apart from their traditionally-minded, entrenched, profit-focused counterparts. The faster a given pharma company lets go of the old model and begins to embrace and harness the fundamental changes moving through the marketplace, the more positive customer perceptions will become. 

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