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Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

Younger Doctors Expect Communication through Digital Avenues
It’s no secret that doctors and pharmaceutical sales reps don’t interact on the same terms that characterized the industry in previous decades. Regulatory restrictions and shifts in health system policy and practice now prevent the kind of close and frequent access enjoyed by reps in an earlier era, and in fact, doctors who have spent the past eight years working their way through medical training and fellowships have had record-low levels of contact with industry representatives. 

Members of this younger generation don’t tend to seek out face-to-face meetings with pharmaceutical sales reps at all. According to a 2015 AccessMonitor Report produced by ZS, about 53 percent of physicians now place moderate-to-severe restrictions on sales rep access and actively dismiss requests for sales presentations. 

Younger Physicians Interact through Digital Media 

This news does not look promising for the pharma industry, but it does involve an up note: While younger doctors have limited interest in personal meetings with sales reps, they do tend to access digital communication channels far more than their older peers. Mobile platforms, social media forums, and digital peer-to-peer programs have a strong influence on the newest generation of healthcare providers. According to Accenture, digital interactions between reps and providers are actually growing at a rate of about 25 percent per year. 

New Opportunities for Flexible Sales Managers 

This represents a wealth of opportunity to pharma sales managers who are ready to evolve in order to keep pace with a changing industry. Taking advantage of this opportunity will involve action on two distinct fronts: First, proactive sales managers are turning to third-party digital service providers to gain access to big data and digital content providers. 

Second, sales managers will need to focus their staffing programs on reps who can leverage these tools to their best advantage. Reps who provide excellent face-to-face presentation skills are still—and will always be—valuable members of the team. But managers can also benefit by targeting and selecting candidates with a strong digital communications track record. 

Developing innovative sales strategies can help pharma companies demonstrate the value of their products and the impact these products can have on specific patients and disease states. But in addition to deploying digital strategies, smart managers are deploying teams who know how to use these strategies in effective ways. 

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