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Scott Schlesner
Vice-President of Sales

How to Get Past the Gatekeepers
In the modern medical and pharma sales landscape, the biggest challenge may not lie in making a sale or gaining a contract; it may actually lie in landing an initial meeting. Doctors and healthcare decision makers are increasingly protective of their time, and in order to schedule a meeting and bend the ear of a key client or pharmacy manager, reps have to work harder than ever. Here are a few tips for sales managers and frontline teams. 

Study up on the Sunshine Act

This legislation prevents pharma companies from winning decision makers over with small gifts. Pens, wall clocks and, most of all, food, have often been used to gain leverage during client meetings in the past. In fact, these gifts were often used to land the meeting in the first place. How can you say no to a lunch meeting if the sales reps are providing the lunch? But at this point, all gifts valued over 10 dollars will need to be reported and healthcare providers are closing out vendors to keep things simple. Put the gifts away and find other ways to add value. 

Have a clear plan

If you manage to claim even five minutes of your client’s busy schedule, make the most of it. Don’t expect the client to come prepared with a set of questions; anticipate these questions and provide proactive answers. In the meantime, work to understand what’s happening on the healthcare provider’s side of the table. What challenges do they face? How are they working to manage patient care and disease processes? How can your product help them overcome specific obstacles? Create and provide an agenda in advance of the meeting. 

Move beyond the product

Instead of taking a strictly sales-focused approach to the interaction, try to add value that goes beyond your product or pipeline. Be prepared to speak directly about the disease or treatment area and find ways to support your client’s efforts with education, outreach and patient management. You can also add value by providing research your client may not know about or best practices that may impact their approach to treatment. 

Listen as much as you talk

Encourage the client to openly discuss gaps in the current formulary or recent developments in treatment protocols. If the client suggests new programs, you might consider developing new contract terms. Be willing to take these back to your headquarters and submit them for consideration. 

For more on how to gain a foothold with a potential customer and build a lasting relationship between your company and your target healthcare facility, reach out to the sales staffing team at Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates.