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Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates Recognized as One of the Top 50 Retained Healthcare and Life Sciences Recruiting Firms in America
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates is pleased to announce that we were recently named as one of the Top 50 Healthcare and Life Sciences retained executive search firms in America by Hunt Scanlon, the most comprehensive global news network in the talent management field.  
Strategies to Retain Your Highest Performing Sales Representatives
Top sales performers are crucial to an organization’s success.  In order to keep these employees happy, in addition to upping your retention rate, what strategies need to be evaluated or implemented?
The Upcoming UDI Requirement: Will Your Teams Be Ready?
New requirements for medical device identification will go into effect in September of 2018. Will you be ready? 
Should Your Team Be Creating Value or Beating the Competition?
Medical sales teams face many difficult decisions navigating in a competitive sector. There are many trade-offs to consider when deciding to either find a better way to do what the competition is doing or take a different path altogether.
2017 Chairman’s Club Award Winner: Greg Horak
Congratulations to our 2017 Chairman’s Club award winner!  Thank you for your hard work and dedication to Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates.
The Evolving Role of the Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
Pharmaceutical sales reps don’t face the same set of responsibilities that they faced years ago. How are their skills changing? What is staying the same? 
Amazon and the Future of Pharmacy Services
E-services are poised to transform the pharmacy industry, specifically regarding how products are chosen, sold, and delivered. 
Is Your Sales Team Hesitant to Reach Out to New Prospects?
Talking to a new sales prospect requires high energy and confidence. As a manager, what can you do to increase that energy and confidence to get your team ready to reach out to new prospects and start to nurture that relationship? 
Core Competencies that Define Top Salespeople
Research suggests these core traits and competencies can help managers identify top salespeople. How can you identify these traits during the recruitment process and develop them among your sales team?
Get to Know Your Employees at This Often Forgotten Place
Workplace culture plays a big role in employee retention. To connect with your employees, where can you meet with them and really get to know your team?
Is Your Sales Team Too Accommodating to Close?
Your sales team will do anything to accommodate a customer…but maybe doing anything isn’t the best way to close a deal. How can you coach your sales reps to keep your company’s values at the top of their priorities?
Do Your Customers Value Your Leadership or Your Price?
Recognize the difference between cultivating respect for your services and underselling your product. 
From Healthcare to Sales: Making the Transition
Making the transition from healthcare to sales can be a bit easier if you keep these thoughts in mind. 
Do Your Team Members Know Exactly How to Deliver?
Ensure your medical sales teams understand what to do and how to do it. Provide clear instructions and connect every action to a plan. 
The RFP Should Not Be Your Team’s First Move
Long before you create and submit your RFP, conduct research and lay the foundations of a successful proposal. 
What Shouldn’t You Say in Sales: “Did You Get My Message?”
There are a few key phrases that sales reps should remove from circulation, especially when pursuing new leads. This follow-up phrase could cost you a potential prospect. 
Three Moves to Boost Your Success in Medical Sales
No simple move can make your job easy, but consider a few straightforward tips that can boost your success in medical sales.  
Sales Leaders Should Ask This Question Constantly
If you hold a leadership position in sales, here’s one question you should be asking your reps every day, if not every minute. 
How Can a Recruiter Improve Your Sales Team’s Will to Win?
Working with a recruiter can elevate your culture and give your medical sales team a winning edge. 
Need to Make Your Annual Sales Goal? Get Moving Now!
You can beat your annual sales and even go past the mark if you take a few critical steps starting right now.
Can Project Management Skills Help Your Medical Sales Career?
Relying on your sales skills alone won’t drive your career forward. How will project management experience help your professional development?
An Effective CRM Makes Your Sales Team More Productive
Use your customer relationship management software to boost sales and provide more critical customer data to your sales teams. 
Making the Transition from Pharma to Medical Sales
A career shift from pharma to medical sales isn’t uncommon, but how do you know if you are ready?
Best Practices for Coaching Your Medical Sales Team
Your sales team may already give everything they have to the enterprise, but with your help and support, they can reach the next level. 
The Medical Sales Job Search: What can You Do to Stand Out?
What are you doing to grab the attention of medical sales employers and recruiters? Could you be doing more? 
Cyber Security: A Challenge in the Medical Device Field
Advances in cybersecurity are happening fast, but are your medical sales reps keeping up with these advancements in a way that can reassure your clients? 
Monitoring the Attitude of Other Employees Plays a Big Role in the Success of Sales
Do your teams in other departments respect the roles of your sales staff? If not, what can you do about it? 
What Does Your Medical Sales Team Know about Your Clients’ Customers?
For maximum success, encourage your sales team to understand your clients, and even more important, to understand who your clients serve and how. 
Show Passion During Your Interview and Land an Offer
Show signs of engagement, interest, and general passion for your work, and you’ll increase your odds of landing an offer and advancing your medical sales career. 
What Does It Take to Develop a Great Medical Sales Team?
Development efforts can pay off and the right moves can make a good medical sales team great. 
Outcomes Based Contracting: Is it Beneficial for the Medical Sales Industry?
Contracting approaches are changing rapidly, but what does it mean for medical sales teams (and managers)? 
How Can You Teach Your Sales Team to Be More Strategic in Prospecting?
Encourage your reps to optimize every minute of the time they spend conversing with sales prospects. 
Afraid of a Sales Career? Change your Mindset and Find Success.
A sales career can bring some challenges, but don’t be scared to jump in with both feet! These tips can help you to find success. 
Skills to Find the Right Closing Process in Medical Sales
Find the right closing process for your team, your product, and your unique set of clients. 
Skills and Talents That Make Great Sales Managers
Make the right promotion decisions by successfully recognizing the correct signs of a future sales manager. 
Sales Team Management: When it’s Time to Take a Step Back
Sometimes the best way to push your sales team forward is by taking a step back and reevaluating. 
Is Your Job Search Method Outdated?
To find success in your medical sales job search, consider making these adjustments to your process.  
Assess Your Sales Coaching Strategy
When your sales teams are starting to struggle, rally the troops and supply the missing resources that can help them excel. 
Three Strategies to Retain Your Top Medical Sales Performers
Retain your top medical sales pros and prevent them from pursuing other offers by keeping these simple tips in mind. 
Make Compliance Training a Pleasure Instead of a Chore
Compliance training can be more meaningful, memorable and even fun than some managers realize. 
Sales Interview Tips: Cold Calling
These tips can help you explain your cold calling strategy the next time you’re interviewing for a job.   
Giving Your Medical Product a Competitive Edge
Which steps will help your product stand out and get noticed in a crowded marketplace?
Don’t Let Poor Onboarding Set Your Team Up for Failure
Launch a strong relationship with your new employees by initiating a streamlined and effective onboarding process. 
Identifying Skills that Suggest Success in Medical Sales
Some applicants display skills and natural talents that suggest an easier climb and a greater level of success in medical sales.  
Are Irrelevant Goals Hurting Your Job Search?
Are your goals helping you find a job, or are they standing in your way? 
Have Your Sales Team Stand Out With These Tips
Help set your sales team apart from the competition with these simple guidelines. 
Your Company and the Medical Intelligence Cloud
Buckman Encohs Coss and Associates, a top medical sales recruiter, explores the medical intelligence cloud and if it can increase sales and improve communication. 
How is Your Company Using Mobile to Market its Products and Services?
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains how mobile technology expands your brand footprint and provides necessary information for your audience.
Want to Lose Customers? Talk about This!
Buckman Encohs Coss and Associates, a top medical sales recruiter, explains why a self-focused and boring presentation will damage the relationships with your customers. 
Why You Shouldn’t Discount Your Medical Products and Services
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a top medical sales recruiter, explains the long-term effects on your company of discounting your medical products.
Let Your Sales Team be Patient, but Not Too Patient
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, an executive sales recruiter, explains how sales teams need to balance pushing a sale with fostering and nurturing long-term relationships. 
How Will User Behavior Affect Medical Devices?
Buckman Enochs Coss Associates, a top medical sales recruiter, examines how user behavior influences the development and sale of medical devices. 
Five Ways to Network Effectively This Year
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, shares tips to maintain strong networking habits and continue adding new connections. 
Want to Hire the Best Available Sales Talent? Don’t be Shy!
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, shows how being proactive not being shy attracts more available sales talent.
Change Your Script When Using Inbound Marketing
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains why script adjustments are needed to focus on relationship building during inbound marketing.
Five Tips to Implement Effective Sales Training
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains how your approach is extremely important when implementing a training strategy.
Thinking about Medical Sales? Do You Know the Difference Between Medical Device and Pharma?
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, leading medical sales recruiter, helps job candidates considering medical sales pick the appropriate path. 
How to Lead Your Team with Careful Planning
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a top medical sales recruiter, explains how strong planning can make the difference in effective leadership. 
When Do You Take No for An Answer?
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains why hearing “no” and accepting it can lead to a better relationship with your client. 
Stop the Excuses and Go See Your Potential Clients
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains why a personal visit can strengthen relationships with potential clients. 
Do You Know the Difference Between Pharma and Biotech Sales?
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains the differences between pharma sales and biotech sales. 
Motivate Your Sales Team with Unique Experiences
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a top medical sales recruiter, shares a simple rule on how motivate different personalities on your sales team.
Basic (and Effective) Tips to Land a New Client
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains why focusing on a client’s pain points and how you understand them helps your medical sales process. 
Does Your Presentation Differentiate your Product and Company?
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains how presentations set your product and company apart
5 Tips to Get You Ready for Your Next Video Interview
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leader in healthcare recruitment firms, shows how simple preparation leads to a great video interview. 
Internal Promotions: What to Look for
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, one of the top healthcare recruiting firms, shares specific traits to look for when promoting internally. 
Will Referrals Bring in Top Medical Sales People?
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, suggests establishing a great referral program to land top talent. 
Be There for Your Customers When they Need Help the Most
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a top recruiter in medical sales, shares tips for companies to be there for customers with their questions, complaints, suggestions and ideas. 
Convince Your Medical Sales Recruiter that You’re a Top Candidate
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a top medical sales recruiter, explains how to convince your recruiter you are the best candidate and how that helps your job search. 
Hire Top Sales Performers by Focusing on Past Behavior
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, leaders in medical sales recruitment, suggests using behavioral questions to encourage the candidate to discuss past performances. 
Four Communication Tips for Team Leaders
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, leader in medical sales recruitment, explains how leaders bring their teams together to maintain focus and increase productivity. 
Limit Turnover and Retain High Performers
To retain your best performers, consider taking a close look at your hiring strategy and your workplace culture. 
Three Reasons to Consider a Career in Medical Sales
If you’re about to choose a new career path, consider the rewards and benefits of medical sales. 
Adopting New Technology and Changing the Pharma Sales Landscape
Can new technology and new communication platforms change the way pharma companies interact with healthcare providers? 
Pharma Companies Provide Solutions, Not Just Products
As pharmaceutical companies have evolved, they need to provide healthcare professionals with more than just products and should develop solutions for wide-reaching problems.  
Younger Doctors Expect Communication through Digital Avenues
Younger and older physicians communicate with pharma reps using different channels.
Break Into Sales with No Sales Background
Breaking into the sales field with no sales background can be difficult, but it’s definitely possible. 
Sales Reps: Conveying a Value Message to Physicians
Coach your sales teams to provide an accurate and high-impact value statement to physicians and healthcare decision makers. 
How Should You Coach Your Sales Team in 2016?
How do you plan to improve your sales team coaching and training strategy for 2016? 
Does Your Sales Pitch Really Need a Presentation?
Sometimes the best presentations are not presentations at all, but feel more like interactive conversations. 
Five Ways a Quiet Personality Works in Sales
A quiet, introverted candidate may make an excellent sales candidate. Here’s how. 
Medical Devices and Cyber Security
As a medical device sales rep or sales manager, are you prepared to answer questions about your product’s cybersecurity capabilities? 
Building Team Culture in a Workplace of Individuals
A culture of teamwork can support success, even during individual endeavors. 
Quality Leads vs. Quantity of Leads
Consider a sales approach that looks more like strategic marketing than a blind pursuit of low quality leads. 
Increasing your Potential Sales Salary
Keep these moves in mind during the negotiation process and you can increase your sales salary. 
Your Sales Team Can Act As Recruiters for Your Company
Your best company recruiters may already be part of your sales team. 
Reaching C-Suite Executives
Gaining face-to-face access to administrators and executives can be a challenging task for new sales reps. 
Can Personalized Medicine Come with Realistic Costs?
Personalized medicine might have the power to save lives, but is it something our system can afford? 
Make Your Mark in Your New Position
You’ll create a strong impression among your new employers if you hit the ground running during the first three months. 
Help Your Team to Reach its Goals
As a leader, you take responsibility for the successes and failures of your team. Here are a few moves that bring their sales goals — and yours — within reach. 
Proving the Value of an Expensive Treatment
It can be difficult to explain the value of an expensive drug or medical device to a skeptical decision maker. 
Mobile Tools for Sales Teams
Do your sales teams have the tools and resources they need in order to stay connected while on the move? 
You’re in Sales but Are You Really Selling?
Meeting sales goals may mean building relationships and creating meaningful partnerships that last beyond the meeting or the moment.
Management ROI: Should You Focus Your Energy on Top Performers?
When you have to choose, should you invest more energy in top performers, or should let your stars self-manage while you focus on bringing slower runners up to speed? 
How Can Medical Sales Improve Its Relationships?
As a sales rep, you’ll need to focus on really developing a relationship with medical decision makes to prove your value and find success. 
How to Get Past the Gatekeepers
Before you can make a sale or complete a contract with a potential client, you’ll have to get in the door. And this first move may be the most difficult step in the entire process. 
Preparing for the Realities of a Sales Career
A career in sales may seem glamorous and exciting, but before you commit yourself, make sure this career matches your personality. 
Get Your Team to Reach its Quota in 2016
Become a better leader and help your team meet and exceed its sales goals during the year ahead. 
Get Your Team to Reach its Quota in 2016
Become a better leader and help your team meet and exceed its sales goals during the year ahead. 
Why Hiring Managers Use Candidate Assessments
Use meaningful candidate assessments and targeted tests to determine applicant readiness.