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Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates Recognized as One of the Top 50 Retained Healthcare and Life Sciences Recruiting Firms in America
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates is pleased to announce that we were recently named as one of the Top 50 Healthcare and Life Sciences retained executive search firms in America by Hunt Scanlon, the most comprehensive global news network in the talent management field.  
How to Recruit the Non-Active, High Achieving Sales Talent to Your Team
Finding and recruiting new sales talent can be difficult, especially given the fact that top sales reps are well compensated and not actively seeking new opportunities.  What can you do get the top reps on your team?
Strategies to Retain Your Highest Performing Sales Representatives
Top sales performers are crucial to an organization’s success.  In order to keep these employees happy, in addition to upping your retention rate, what strategies need to be evaluated or implemented?
The Upcoming UDI Requirement: Will Your Teams Be Ready?
New requirements for medical device identification will go into effect in September of 2018. Will you be ready? 
Should Your Team Be Creating Value or Beating the Competition?
Medical sales teams face many difficult decisions navigating in a competitive sector. There are many trade-offs to consider when deciding to either find a better way to do what the competition is doing or take a different path altogether.
2017 Chairman’s Club Award Winner: Greg Horak
Congratulations to our 2017 Chairman’s Club award winner!  Thank you for your hard work and dedication to Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates.
The Evolving Role of the Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
Pharmaceutical sales reps don’t face the same set of responsibilities that they faced years ago. How are their skills changing? What is staying the same? 
Amazon and the Future of Pharmacy Services
E-services are poised to transform the pharmacy industry, specifically regarding how products are chosen, sold, and delivered. 
Is Your Sales Team Hesitant to Reach Out to New Prospects?
Talking to a new sales prospect requires high energy and confidence. As a manager, what can you do to increase that energy and confidence to get your team ready to reach out to new prospects and start to nurture that relationship? 
Core Competencies that Define Top Salespeople
Research suggests these core traits and competencies can help managers identify top salespeople. How can you identify these traits during the recruitment process and develop them among your sales team?
Get to Know Your Employees at This Often Forgotten Place
Workplace culture plays a big role in employee retention. To connect with your employees, where can you meet with them and really get to know your team?
Is Your Sales Team Too Accommodating to Close?
Your sales team will do anything to accommodate a customer…but maybe doing anything isn’t the best way to close a deal. How can you coach your sales reps to keep your company’s values at the top of their priorities?
Do Your Customers Value Your Leadership or Your Price?
Recognize the difference between cultivating respect for your services and underselling your product. 
From Healthcare to Sales: Making the Transition
Making the transition from healthcare to sales can be a bit easier if you keep these thoughts in mind. 
Do Your Team Members Know Exactly How to Deliver?
Ensure your medical sales teams understand what to do and how to do it. Provide clear instructions and connect every action to a plan. 
The RFP Should Not Be Your Team’s First Move
Long before you create and submit your RFP, conduct research and lay the foundations of a successful proposal. 
What Shouldn’t You Say in Sales: “Did You Get My Message?”
There are a few key phrases that sales reps should remove from circulation, especially when pursuing new leads. This follow-up phrase could cost you a potential prospect. 
Three Moves to Boost Your Success in Medical Sales
No simple move can make your job easy, but consider a few straightforward tips that can boost your success in medical sales.  
Sales Leaders Should Ask This Question Constantly
If you hold a leadership position in sales, here’s one question you should be asking your reps every day, if not every minute. 
How Can a Recruiter Improve Your Sales Team’s Will to Win?
Working with a recruiter can elevate your culture and give your medical sales team a winning edge. 
Need to Make Your Annual Sales Goal? Get Moving Now!
You can beat your annual sales and even go past the mark if you take a few critical steps starting right now.
Can Project Management Skills Help Your Medical Sales Career?
Relying on your sales skills alone won’t drive your career forward. How will project management experience help your professional development?
An Effective CRM Makes Your Sales Team More Productive
Use your customer relationship management software to boost sales and provide more critical customer data to your sales teams. 
Making the Transition from Pharma to Medical Sales
A career shift from pharma to medical sales isn’t uncommon, but how do you know if you are ready?
Best Practices for Coaching Your Medical Sales Team
Your sales team may already give everything they have to the enterprise, but with your help and support, they can reach the next level. 
The Medical Sales Job Search: What can You Do to Stand Out?
What are you doing to grab the attention of medical sales employers and recruiters? Could you be doing more? 
Cyber Security: A Challenge in the Medical Device Field
Advances in cybersecurity are happening fast, but are your medical sales reps keeping up with these advancements in a way that can reassure your clients? 
Monitoring the Attitude of Other Employees Plays a Big Role in the Success of Sales
Do your teams in other departments respect the roles of your sales staff? If not, what can you do about it? 
What Does Your Medical Sales Team Know about Your Clients’ Customers?
For maximum success, encourage your sales team to understand your clients, and even more important, to understand who your clients serve and how. 
Show Passion During Your Interview and Land an Offer
Show signs of engagement, interest, and general passion for your work, and you’ll increase your odds of landing an offer and advancing your medical sales career. 
What Does It Take to Develop a Great Medical Sales Team?
Development efforts can pay off and the right moves can make a good medical sales team great. 
Outcomes Based Contracting: Is it Beneficial for the Medical Sales Industry?
Contracting approaches are changing rapidly, but what does it mean for medical sales teams (and managers)? 
How Can You Teach Your Sales Team to Be More Strategic in Prospecting?
Encourage your reps to optimize every minute of the time they spend conversing with sales prospects. 
Afraid of a Sales Career? Change your Mindset and Find Success.
A sales career can bring some challenges, but don’t be scared to jump in with both feet! These tips can help you to find success. 
Skills to Find the Right Closing Process in Medical Sales
Find the right closing process for your team, your product, and your unique set of clients. 
Skills and Talents That Make Great Sales Managers
Make the right promotion decisions by successfully recognizing the correct signs of a future sales manager. 
Sales Team Management: When it’s Time to Take a Step Back
Sometimes the best way to push your sales team forward is by taking a step back and reevaluating. 
Is Your Job Search Method Outdated?
To find success in your medical sales job search, consider making these adjustments to your process.  
Assess Your Sales Coaching Strategy
When your sales teams are starting to struggle, rally the troops and supply the missing resources that can help them excel. 
Three Strategies to Retain Your Top Medical Sales Performers
Retain your top medical sales pros and prevent them from pursuing other offers by keeping these simple tips in mind. 
Make Compliance Training a Pleasure Instead of a Chore
Compliance training can be more meaningful, memorable and even fun than some managers realize. 
Sales Interview Tips: Cold Calling
These tips can help you explain your cold calling strategy the next time you’re interviewing for a job.   
Giving Your Medical Product a Competitive Edge
Which steps will help your product stand out and get noticed in a crowded marketplace?
Don’t Let Poor Onboarding Set Your Team Up for Failure
Launch a strong relationship with your new employees by initiating a streamlined and effective onboarding process. 
Identifying Skills that Suggest Success in Medical Sales
Some applicants display skills and natural talents that suggest an easier climb and a greater level of success in medical sales.  
Are Irrelevant Goals Hurting Your Job Search?
Are your goals helping you find a job, or are they standing in your way? 
Have Your Sales Team Stand Out With These Tips
Help set your sales team apart from the competition with these simple guidelines. 
Your Company and the Medical Intelligence Cloud
Buckman Encohs Coss and Associates, a top medical sales recruiter, explores the medical intelligence cloud and if it can increase sales and improve communication. 
How is Your Company Using Mobile to Market its Products and Services?
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains how mobile technology expands your brand footprint and provides necessary information for your audience.
Want to Lose Customers? Talk about This!
Buckman Encohs Coss and Associates, a top medical sales recruiter, explains why a self-focused and boring presentation will damage the relationships with your customers. 
Why You Shouldn’t Discount Your Medical Products and Services
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a top medical sales recruiter, explains the long-term effects on your company of discounting your medical products.
Let Your Sales Team be Patient, but Not Too Patient
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, an executive sales recruiter, explains how sales teams need to balance pushing a sale with fostering and nurturing long-term relationships. 
How Will User Behavior Affect Medical Devices?
Buckman Enochs Coss Associates, a top medical sales recruiter, examines how user behavior influences the development and sale of medical devices. 
Five Ways to Network Effectively This Year
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, shares tips to maintain strong networking habits and continue adding new connections. 
Want to Hire the Best Available Sales Talent? Don’t be Shy!
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, shows how being proactive not being shy attracts more available sales talent.
Change Your Script When Using Inbound Marketing
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains why script adjustments are needed to focus on relationship building during inbound marketing.
Five Tips to Implement Effective Sales Training
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains how your approach is extremely important when implementing a training strategy.
Thinking about Medical Sales? Do You Know the Difference Between Medical Device and Pharma?
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, leading medical sales recruiter, helps job candidates considering medical sales pick the appropriate path. 
How to Lead Your Team with Careful Planning
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a top medical sales recruiter, explains how strong planning can make the difference in effective leadership. 
When Do You Take No for An Answer?
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains why hearing “no” and accepting it can lead to a better relationship with your client. 
Stop the Excuses and Go See Your Potential Clients
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains why a personal visit can strengthen relationships with potential clients. 
Do You Know the Difference Between Pharma and Biotech Sales?
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains the differences between pharma sales and biotech sales. 
Motivate Your Sales Team with Unique Experiences
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a top medical sales recruiter, shares a simple rule on how motivate different personalities on your sales team.
Basic (and Effective) Tips to Land a New Client
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains why focusing on a client’s pain points and how you understand them helps your medical sales process. 
Does Your Presentation Differentiate your Product and Company?
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, explains how presentations set your product and company apart
5 Tips to Get You Ready for Your Next Video Interview
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leader in healthcare recruitment firms, shows how simple preparation leads to a great video interview. 
Internal Promotions: What to Look for
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, one of the top healthcare recruiting firms, shares specific traits to look for when promoting internally. 
Will Referrals Bring in Top Medical Sales People?
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading medical sales recruiter, suggests establishing a great referral program to land top talent. 
Be There for Your Customers When they Need Help the Most
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a top recruiter in medical sales, shares tips for companies to be there for customers with their questions, complaints, suggestions and ideas. 
Convince Your Medical Sales Recruiter that You’re a Top Candidate
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a top medical sales recruiter, explains how to convince your recruiter you are the best candidate and how that helps your job search. 
Hire Top Sales Performers by Focusing on Past Behavior
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, leaders in medical sales recruitment, suggests using behavioral questions to encourage the candidate to discuss past performances. 
Four Communication Tips for Team Leaders
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, leader in medical sales recruitment, explains how leaders bring their teams together to maintain focus and increase productivity. 
Limit Turnover and Retain High Performers
To retain your best performers, consider taking a close look at your hiring strategy and your workplace culture. 
Three Reasons to Consider a Career in Medical Sales
If you’re about to choose a new career path, consider the rewards and benefits of medical sales. 
Adopting New Technology and Changing the Pharma Sales Landscape
Can new technology and new communication platforms change the way pharma companies interact with healthcare providers? 
Pharma Companies Provide Solutions, Not Just Products
As pharmaceutical companies have evolved, they need to provide healthcare professionals with more than just products and should develop solutions for wide-reaching problems.  
Younger Doctors Expect Communication through Digital Avenues
Younger and older physicians communicate with pharma reps using different channels.
Break Into Sales with No Sales Background
Breaking into the sales field with no sales background can be difficult, but it’s definitely possible. 
Sales Reps: Conveying a Value Message to Physicians
Coach your sales teams to provide an accurate and high-impact value statement to physicians and healthcare decision makers. 
How Should You Coach Your Sales Team in 2016?
How do you plan to improve your sales team coaching and training strategy for 2016? 
Does Your Sales Pitch Really Need a Presentation?
Sometimes the best presentations are not presentations at all, but feel more like interactive conversations. 
Five Ways a Quiet Personality Works in Sales
A quiet, introverted candidate may make an excellent sales candidate. Here’s how. 
Medical Devices and Cyber Security
As a medical device sales rep or sales manager, are you prepared to answer questions about your product’s cybersecurity capabilities? 
Building Team Culture in a Workplace of Individuals
A culture of teamwork can support success, even during individual endeavors. 
Quality Leads vs. Quantity of Leads
Consider a sales approach that looks more like strategic marketing than a blind pursuit of low quality leads. 
Increasing your Potential Sales Salary
Keep these moves in mind during the negotiation process and you can increase your sales salary. 
Your Sales Team Can Act As Recruiters for Your Company
Your best company recruiters may already be part of your sales team. 
Reaching C-Suite Executives
Gaining face-to-face access to administrators and executives can be a challenging task for new sales reps. 
Can Personalized Medicine Come with Realistic Costs?
Personalized medicine might have the power to save lives, but is it something our system can afford? 
Make Your Mark in Your New Position
You’ll create a strong impression among your new employers if you hit the ground running during the first three months. 
Help Your Team to Reach its Goals
As a leader, you take responsibility for the successes and failures of your team. Here are a few moves that bring their sales goals — and yours — within reach. 
Proving the Value of an Expensive Treatment
It can be difficult to explain the value of an expensive drug or medical device to a skeptical decision maker. 
Mobile Tools for Sales Teams
Do your sales teams have the tools and resources they need in order to stay connected while on the move? 
You’re in Sales but Are You Really Selling?
Meeting sales goals may mean building relationships and creating meaningful partnerships that last beyond the meeting or the moment.
Management ROI: Should You Focus Your Energy on Top Performers?
When you have to choose, should you invest more energy in top performers, or should let your stars self-manage while you focus on bringing slower runners up to speed? 
How Can Medical Sales Improve Its Relationships?
As a sales rep, you’ll need to focus on really developing a relationship with medical decision makes to prove your value and find success. 
How to Get Past the Gatekeepers
Before you can make a sale or complete a contract with a potential client, you’ll have to get in the door. And this first move may be the most difficult step in the entire process. 
Preparing for the Realities of a Sales Career
A career in sales may seem glamorous and exciting, but before you commit yourself, make sure this career matches your personality. 
Get Your Team to Reach its Quota in 2016
Become a better leader and help your team meet and exceed its sales goals during the year ahead. 
Get Your Team to Reach its Quota in 2016
Become a better leader and help your team meet and exceed its sales goals during the year ahead. 
Why Hiring Managers Use Candidate Assessments
Use meaningful candidate assessments and targeted tests to determine applicant readiness. 
Rude Customers
If your client or customer starts to show signs of rudeness or belligerence during a meeting, how should you respond?
We’ll Keep Your Resume on File
What do employers mean when they use this term? Is this simply a polite way of closing the door, or do they really intend to contact you later about a future open position? 
Wearable Tech helps the Pharmacy Industry Gather Data
Wearable tech and gadgets provide fun ways for users to track their health data, but the pharma industry, these devices have broader implications. 
Presentation Tips
Make a strong and lasting impression by keeping these tips in mind during your next presentation. 
Plan Your Way to More Sales
Careful planning can bring greater success to your sales efforts. 
What to Consider Before Your Mid-Career Shift
If you’re thinking of shifting careers or industries decades after launching into your current field, remember that nothing is impossible, and keep these tips in mind. 
Sales Leadership
What sets a talented, inspiring leader apart from an ordinary boss? 
Create Exit Interviews that Help Your Company Grow
Meaningful exit interviews can help your organization learn and grow each time an employee says goodbye. 
Customer Focus
Focus on the customer as you review and revise your sales strategy for the year ahead. 
Find Your Next Job Through Your Own Network
Keep your name in circulation and lean on your personal network while you search for your next sales position. 
CRM Trends
Customer relationship management platforms are evolving rapidly, but a few basic timeless principles support excellent customer satisfaction and reputation management. 
Train Your Employees, Don’t Just Educate Them
Don’t just tell your employees how to be successful salespeople; coach them, step back, and pick them up when they fail. 
Justifying High Drug Costs
Drug costs are skyrocketing and pharma sales reps should be able to answer the tough questions that accompany these high price tags. 
Resume Tips: Land a Sales Job by Selling Yourself
Keep your resume short, clear and memorable by relying on these basic presentation tips.
Using a Recruiting Firm to Find a Medical Sales Job
As you turn over every stone in search of your next medical sales job, rely on the support of an experienced recruiting firm. 
Sales Calls: Use a Simple But Effective Opener
Launch your sales calls with a sincere question and then listen carefully and respectfully to the answer. 
Text Messaging: When is it Appropriate?
When is texting appropriate as a mode of communication between clients and sales reps? 
Medical Sales Reps: Current Salary Trends
Current salary trends for medical sales reps vary widely by geographic area and experience level. 
Convert Business Cards into Sales Opportunities
Don’t just collect business cards; convert them into sales opportunities. 
Cost Cutting: Is it Always a Great Idea?
Cutting staffing expenses can protect your budget, but some cost-cutting measures may not be effective over the long term. 
Closed Loop Marketing: Is It Working for Pharma?
Closed loop marketing is on the rise in pharma sales. 
Networking Tips
Sometimes when it comes to aggressive networking, less is more. 
Coaching Your Sales Team: Consistency Matters
Sometimes it’s necessary to coach your sales teams back on track when they stray from your product’s central message. 
Sales Team Training
Make sure your sales teams fully understand your product’s value proposition. 
Medical Training for Your Sales Force
Can medical training or coursework in the healthcare field help your sales teams excel? 
Breaking into Sales: A Few Tips for New Candidates
Breaking into sales and making a name for yourself will be easier if you follow these simple tips. 
Leading an Overwhelmed Team
Reducing employee stress can improve morale and build productivity during a hectic business cycle. 
Use Email to Convert Leads to Sales
Use the power of your words and your email messages to make the most of your leads. 
Quickly Onboarding New Salespeople: Four Tips
If you don’t have the luxury of time, you’ll need to onboard your new sales teams quickly. 
Master Your Elevator Pitch
Master the art of the perfect elevator pitch and you’ll greatly increase your chances of impressing sales managers. 
Sales and Relationship Building
Modern sales teams are focused on relationship building and other alternatives to selling. 
Coaching New Employees
Managing recent grads and new employees can be a challenge, but these tips can help. 
Data and Sales Staffing
Leverage data for stronger staffing and better insight into your sales candidates. 
Becoming an Effective Presenter
Boost your presentation skills and you’ll gain more leverage with sales contacts and potential employers. 
The Growing Importance of Social Networking in the Sales Industry
Strengthen your sales teams through the power of social networking. 
Three Reasons Your New Sales Hire is Failing
Dealing with a struggling sales pro will involve patience, attention and action. 
Candidate Selection
Successful medical device sales candidates usually have a few skill sets in common. 
Rejecting a Job Offer
Rejecting a job offer may be challenging, but you owe it to yourself to keep looking instead of settling for second rate. 
Recruiting Sales Candidates
The hardest position to recruit in your company may be a position in sales, but don’t let this prevent you from finding the best candidates.
Are You Attracting Top Talent? Focusing on Your Job Description
The small details of your job description can make or break your ability to attract top candidates. 
Mental Health in Developing Countries: How Pharma can Help
Mental health treatment poses challenges all over the world, but especially in developing countries. 
Your Brand is Your Reputation
Establishing a connection with a potential employer begins with a strong personal brand. 
Four Public Speaking Tips to Share with Your Sales Team
These simple moves can turn your sales team into more effective public speakers. 
Do You Know Why Your Top Sales Pro is Leaving?
Retaining top sales pros may not cost as much as you imagine, and a few simple moves can bring valuable returns. 
Big Data in the Pharma Industry
The pharmaceutical industry can benefit from the use of big data, specifically when it comes to staffing. 
Career Insight: A Look into Oncology Sales
Are you a pharma sales pro searching for a position in oncology sales? 
Pharma Industry Trends to Watch for in 2015
What will the year ahead hold for the pharmaceutical industry? 
Red Flags for Medical Sales Reps
During your hiring process, keep an eye out for these sales rep red flags. 
The Benefits of Using Industry Specific Recruiters
Working with a recruiter can help you find the high level of medical sales talent that you need. 
Under-Performing in Sales? Turn Those Numbers Around
Improve your sales performance by keeping these methods and considerations in mind. 
What Motivational Style works for Your Medical Sales Team?
Rally your sales team using these motivational strategies. 
Experience or Potential: Which Should you Choose?
Should you make your employee hiring decisions based on candidate experience or potential? 
Four Ways to Make your Medical Sales Team More Effective
Make your medical sales team more effective by keeping the following tips in mind. 
Digital Marketing and Pharma Sales
Use digital marketing to support your pharma sales and raise your profile among health system clients. 
The Ideal Pharma Sales Candidate
What do excellent reps bring to the table, and how can they drive your company forward? 
Non-Verbal Interview Cues That Indicate Success
Non-verbal interview cues can tell you more about your candidates than you may learn from a resume and cover letter.  
Interviewing Biotech Sales Reps
These biotech sales rep interview tips can keep your staffing process on track to success. 
Sales Rep to Sales Director: Keep Your Career in Motion
If you’re searching for the most efficient path from sales rep to sales director, keep these tips in mind. 
Gauging Fit in a Sales Interview
Use these sales interview tips to gauge the fit between your candidate and your company culture. 
Shifts in the Pharmaceutical Sales Landscape
Both managers and sales reps are wise to keep an eye on these pharmaceutical industry trends. 
Using Linkedin to Gauge Biotech Sales Candidates
If you aren’t using Linkedin to gauge biotech sales candidates, you may be missing out on a valuable information source.  
Outside-The-Box Sales Tactics to Use during Your Interview
Your interview tactics and your on-the-job sales tactics may be similar, but try to offer your potential employers a few moves they don’t expect. 
2014 Hiring Trends for Pharmaceutical Sales Reps
Here are a few of the hiring trends that will influence the pharmaceutical sales staffing landscape in 2014. 
How an Executive Search Firm can Support Your Healthcare Recruiting Efforts
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a healthcare recruiting agency, shares advice on how your company can benefit from using an executive search firm. 
Make Your Medical Sales Team More Effective: Three Tips
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, top medical sales recruiters, offer tips on how to make your medical sales team more effective.
Items to Include on Your Medical Software Sales Resume
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates shares advice on what to include on your medical software sales resume.
Motivate, Train, and Optimize Your Medical Regional Sales Managers
Offer training and start with a strong hiring process if you hope to optimize your medical regional sales managers. 
Staffing Tips for Regional Sales Managers
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates shares a few simple staffing tips for regional sales managers. 
Resume Tips: How to Quantify Your Accomplishments
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading executive search firm, discusses best practices for quantifying accomplishments on a resume.
Onboarding Checklist for Regional Sales Staff
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates shares tips on how to on-board new employees.  
Creative Selling: Generating Inbound Leads
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a top medical sales recruiter in Ohio, discusses how to improve your creative selling strategy by generating inbound leads.  
Four Things to Look for in a Pharma Sales Candidate
Here are a few strong traits to tune into during your pharma sales candidate search. 
Three Things You’ll Be Asked in Your Next Medical Sales Interview
Be prepared for questions like these during your next medical sales interview. 
Six Ways to Motivate Your Pharmaceutical Sales Teams
Motivate your pharma sales teams by offering appealing incentives and encouraging healthy forms of competition. 
Medical Device Sales Careers at the Management and VP Level
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leading provider of medical device recruiting services, shares how to advance your career at the management and VP level.
Employee Retention Secrets
Try these retention tips for regional sales staff and you’ll improve motivation and engagement across the board. 
Three Questions to Ask Your Medical Sales Employer
Here are a few original questions to ask your medical sales employer during your interview. Don’t just walk out the door without turning the tables. 
Does Your Sales Training Program Need a Reboot?
Update your sales training program to keep your teams on track and their skills fresh. 
Ethical Issues in Pharmaceutical Sales
Buckman Enochs Coss, the leading pharmaceutical staffing firm, shares ethical issues in pharmaceutical sales industry. 
Medical Sales Overview for 2014
The medical sales overview for 2014 looks promising, with a competitive field rebounding quickly from the recent economic slowdown. 
Becoming a Medical Sales Rep
Becoming a medical sales rep may be a great way to open doors and step into a field with high pay and promising future. 
The Benefits of any Effective Medical Sales App
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, the leading provider of medical sales recruiting, shares some effective medical sales apps. 
Questions your Sales Reps Shouldn’t be Asking Surgeons
Surgeon presentation tips like these can help your sales reps determine the questions they should and shouldn’t ask. 
Build a Positive, Customer-Centric Sales Culture
Build a positive sales culture by starting with great hires and providing them with the coaching they need. 
Is It Time to Start Searching for a New Medical Sales Job?
Now may be the right time to start searching for a new medical sales job.  
Pharmaceutical Sales Reps and The Sunshine Act
The Sunshine Act has launched a host of changes in the way physicians and pharmaceutical sales reps interact. 
Attracting the Best Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales Candidates
Successful medical and pharmaceutical sales staffing starts with a targeted approach to the best possible candidates. 
Keeping Your Reps Competitive
Sales rep training is becoming more competitive, more multi-directional, and more digitally-focused than ever before. 
I’m Forty: Can I Break into Pharma Sales?
Breaking into pharma sales isn’t impossible, even if you’re transitioning from another career. 
Complaints Facing Medical Sales Companies
Retain your medical sales staff by giving them the resources they need to do their best work, and by steering clear of common complaints like these. 
Sample Questions for Medical Sales Rep Interviewers
Questions for sales rep interviewers arebecoming increasingly open-ended and behavior based.
Medical Sales Job Search
Your medical sales rep profile and your professional resume will create the very first impression you make with recruiters and potential employers. 
Hiring For Cultural Fit: Three Tips
Hiring for cultural fit can bring better results than hiring based on job skills and credentials alone. 
Steps to Medical Adherence
Improving medical adherence can improve patient outcomes, and success in this effort often begins with staffing. 
Improve Your Pharma Workplace Brand: Online Strategies
Create a great workplace culture by keeping these online workplace branding tips in mind. 
Prepping for Behavioral Interview Questions
Behavioral interview preparation tips like these can help candidates explain the deeper background behind their responses to manager questions. 
Onboarding Tips for Medical Sales Talent
In order to retain your talented medical sales employees, keep these onboarding tips for new sales reps in mind. 
Support your Brand With Professional Recruiters
Working with a team of professional healthcare recruiters can boost your brand on several levels. Here’s how. 
Medical Sales: The Importance of Patient Personas
Patient personas are becoming a strong determinant of success for medical and pharmaceutical strategic marketing efforts. 
Why Your Pharmaceutical Sales Resume isn’t Working
Your pharmaceutical sales job search may be held back by a few of these simple mistakes. 
Social Communication and Pharmaceutical Sales
A few non-verbal communication tips for sales reps can help you read the room and close the deal. 
Prescription Drug Coverage under the Affordable Care Act
How will prescription drug coverage change under the Affordable Care Act? And how will your company be affected? 
Salary Trends in Pharma Sales
Compensation in pharmaceutical sales varies by level, geographic area and company size, among other factors. 
The Ideal LinkedIn Profile: What Every Medical Sales Rep Needs
How can medical sales pros get the most out of their LinkedIn profiles? Consider these social media tips for sales reps. 
Things to Do Before Applying for your Medical Sales Rep Job
Applying for a medical sales rep job requires a bit of long term preparation and effort, but these will almost always pay off in the end. 
How to Select and Develop a Truly Great Medical Sales Manager
Training and developing medical sales managers with an eye for the future can help your teams rise to the next level of sales success. 
Training Your Entry Level Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
Strong pharmaceutical sales rep training can mean the difference between a fast, effective immersion and a slow process riddled with errors.  
Onboarding new sales reps
With the right process in place, onboarding medical sales reps can represent the first step in a long and positive relationship. 
Leverage Your Medical Sales Brand to Attract Talent
Leverage your medical sales brand and you’ll have a better chance of attracting talented, experienced salespeople. 
Investing In Your Next Medical Sales Representative
Avoid hiring mistakes by following this set of simple tips and investing in inexpensive research that can save countless costs in the long run. 
Hit the Sweet Spot for a Career in Pharmaceutical Sales
Build a career in pharmaceutical sales by walking the fine line between clear goals and a healthy dose of flexibility. 
Drive Medical Sales Rep Employee Potential
Drive your medical sales reps and develop employee potential by keeping these tips in mind. 
Gain Access to Online Job Seekers: A Few Key Tips
Optimize your online recruiting strategy and reach great medical and pharmaceutical sales candidates by going mobile. 
Keep your Medical Sales Reps Focused
Motivate your sales teams and keep distracted employees on track by considering these tips. 
Drive Your Pharmaceutical Sales Career with Clear Goals
Drive your pharmaceutical sales career; don’t let it drive you. Set clear measurable goals based on a defined objective. 
How “Soft Skills” Can Move Your Career Forward
The cognitive skills required for sales positions go far beyond simple task execution. Learn more about how “soft skills” can boost your sales career. 
Hiring Outlook: Healthcare Software Sales Professionals are In Demand
Healthcare software sales jobs are plentiful.  Do you have the resources to source top talent?
Keywords in Your LinkedIn Profile
Using keywords in your LinkedIn profile can help generate business.
How to Handle the Toughest Medical Sales Interview Questions
Use these tips to handle the toughest interview questions potential employers may throw your way. 
Build a Pharma Sales Talent Pipeline
Weigh the cost of just-in-time hiring strategies against the cost of pipeline building in pharma sales.
Breaking into Medical Sales
Land a position in medical sales by transferring your skills correctly, completing a little research, and learning what it takes to impress medical sales employers. 
Guidelines for Mobile and Social Media
New guidelines for mobile and social media can help regulate the use of medical apps as approved medical devices. 
Elevate Your Medical Sales Career Strategy
Your medical sales career strategy and job search can, and should, vary depending on your current employment status. Consider the following specific job search moves for employed candidates
Strengthening your FLM
Are you paying enough attention to your FLM team, the force behind your sales force? Make sure you clarify roles for FLMs and give them the support they need.
What do Medical Sales Managers Look for During a First Interview?
Learn more about what sales managers look for during interviews and prepare for your sales interview by paying attention to the following tips. 
Get Ready for Your Interview
Build confidence before your sales interview with these simple sales interview preparation tips. 
Do Your Customers Know How Far You’ll Go to Help Their Patients?
To build strong client relationships, make your sales efforts known and let your clients understand your level of commitment to their work and to their patients. 
Hiring Top Pharmaceutical Reps
Hiring top pharmaceutical reps may be easier now than it was before the economic slowdown, but don’t get carried away. An abundance of qualified candidates doesn't always translate into an error-free staffing process. 
Time Management: the Key to Your Medical Sales Job Search
A successful medical sales job search requires commitment, focus, clear goals and strong time management skills. 
Tighten Your E-Detailing Strategy
E-Detailing refers to all aspects of pharmaceutical sales or marketing that rely on multimedia or web accessible technologies. Make sure your e-detailing strategy takes full advantage of the resources available to you. 
Hiring Trends in Pharmaceutical Sales
Hiring trends in pharmaceutical sales aren’t springing back from the recession as quickly as some managers and job seekers once hoped. Why is this happening and what does the future hold? 
Working With a Medical Sales Recruiter
Working with a medical sales recruiter can put your job search on the fast track, but watch out for simple blunders that can complicate the process.  
Conducting an Effective Interview
Conduct meaningful and effective interview by keeping these interview preparation tips for managers in mind. 
Medical Sales and LinkedIn
Find out more about how the medical sales industry is using LinkedIn as both a staffing and a job search tool.
2012 Pharmaceutical Sales Overview
The 2012 pharmaceutical sales overview can help both job seekers and employers make decisions in the year ahead. 
Key Job Search Mistakes for Medical Sales Pros
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leader in medical sales staffing, discusses job search tips for medical sales pros.
Create a Quality Job Post: It’s Worth the Effort
Polish your job posting and you’ll attract the attention of the talented, passive candidates you’re looking for.
Becoming a Successful Pharmaceutical Sales Rep
To find success in pharmaceutical sales, you’ll need to make a strong impression from the very beginning. And once you’re in the door, you’ll need to keep moving at top speed to get ahead.
Measuring Business Success
Business success metrics are often difficult for executives to measure during the first year or two. How can you tell if you’re on the right track?
The Social Media Job Search
Use social media to support your job search, but don’t let false promises or excessive screen time interfere with real networking.
Social Media and the Medical Device Industry
Are you making the best use of a strategy that blends medical device sales and social media? Develop a social media strategy that moves both your brand and your sales team forward.
The Shifting Landscape of Pharmaceutical Sales
Career options for pharmaceutical sales reps are changing. DO you have what it takes to keep up with a shifting marketplace?
Positive Signs in Potential Pharmaceutical Sales Reps
Signs of leadership in pharmaceutical sales candidates aren’t always easy to recognize. When you see indicators like these, take note, and act fast to secure these candidates before your competitors do.
Optimize Your Electronic Resume for Search
Optimize your resume for search engines by making sure you use keywords and search phrases correctly. 
Keys to Success in Medical Sales
Are looking for a few simple moves that can help you find a position in medical sales? Getting ahead in medical sales requires social savvy, boldness, and self-direction.
Pharma Sales: Get Your Foot In the Door
Breaking into pharmaceutical sales with no official experience can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Try these tips for entry level pharmaceutical sales representatives. 
Sales Benefits of the iPad
Add the iPad to your sales arsenal and watch your medical and pharmaceutical sales teams take your results to the next level.
The 2012 Medical Sales Job Seeker Report: Where Do You Stand?
If you’re looking for a job in medical sales, how do you stack up against the competition? Here’s a quick profile of the medical sales job seeker in 2012. 
Mobile Strategies for Medical Sales Recruiters
Is your medical sales recruitment strategy mobile ready? If not, you may be missing opportunities for medical sales candidate outreach.
Mobile Strategies for Medical Sales Recruiters
Is your medical sales recruitment strategy mobile ready? If not, you may be missing opportunities for medical sales candidate outreach.
Global Threats to the United States Medical Device Industry
New challenges have arisen in recent years that may represent threats to the medical device industry in the U.S., including a new medical device sales tax and emerging medical device markets overseas.
Step Up the Quality of Client and Patient Care: Lessons from the Aviation Industry
In aviation, as in healthcare, client and patient safety come first. What other strategies for management and growth may be applicable across both of these industries?
Looking for a Position in Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales? Harness the Power of Social Media

Put the benefits of social media to use during your job search in medical and pharmaceutical sales. 

Want to Attract Top Candidates? Consider Housing
Looking for ways to elevate your employment perks and attract top candidates? Consider the available housing options near your office or business center.  
Cost Reduction and Better Patient Outcomes through Health Analytics
Data gathered across multiple metrics from multiple healthcare facilities can help institutions cut costs and improve patient outcomes.  
Managing Your Multigenerational Sales Team
Managing a multigenerational sales team can be a challenge. How do you deal with generational communication gaps in your workplace?
Should You Be Electronically Monitoring Your Sales Force?
Monitoring your workers may increase productivity and raise your sales numbers – but is it ethical?
Workforce Diversity: Is the Pharmaceutical Industry Keeping Up?
Greater workforce diversity is becoming crucial and can have a strong impact on sales outcomes as well as your organization's bottom line.
Are Employers Telling You You’re Overqualified? How to Handle This Issue During an Interview
Employers are telling you you’re overqualified before showing you to the door, and you’re starting to get concerned. What exactly does this mean? And can it hurt your employment prospects?
Is Your Corporate Culture Attracting Top Candidates?
Is your positive corporate culture attracting talented candidates? If not, take another look at your workplace brand.
Planning Your Long-Term Career Goals: Looking Far Into the Future
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates, a leader in healthcare executive search, discusses whether you’re currently employed or looking for a new job, your future can benefit from a little long term-planning.
Non Traditional Benefit Options to Offer Your Healthcare Employees
Non-traditional benefits, higher wages and increased overall respect for healthcare employees tend to boost revenues and reduce turnover.
The Health Care Reform Bill: Implications for Employers and Job Seekers
The Health Care Reform Bill has now been passed and will be gradually implemented over the next few years. Will your small business be ready?
How to Be a Better Manager
How managers can focus on praise, not criticism to motivate employees
Find Your Medical Sales Dream Job
Tips to search for a job in medical sales
How to Help Employees Avoid a Summer Slump
What employers can do to encourage employee engagement over the summer
Hiring Projections: Healthcare Leads the Way
Buckman Enochs Coss explains how the healthcare industry will lead the way in hiring
How to Attract and Retain Generation Y Employees
Recruiting Generation Y Employees in the healthcare field – advice from Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates
Using LinkedIn to Find a Healthcare Job
Advice from Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates for job seekers looking for a career in healthcare
How to develop and engage recently graduated nurses
Advice from Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates on how to engage new hire nurses in clinical settings
Healthcare Reform: Will It Create More Jobs?
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates discusses the effects of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 on the healthcare industry.
Medical Staffing: Inspire your Workforce to Improve Patient Safety
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates discusses ways to improve patient safety at your healthcare organization.
What to Do When Your Job References Go MIA
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates shares some tips on how to handle it professionally when your references aren't answering your calls.
Retain your Healthcare Specialists in a Changing Economy
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates shares some tips on how to earn employee loyalty and increase retention of your staff.
Does Better Clinical Quality Mean Inferior Patient Experience?
Buckman Enochs Coss and Associates shares some of the latest healthcare news, results of a study conducted by researchers at Ohio State University.
How And When To Start Looking For Your Summer Hires
If you know you'll need extra help around the office this summer, now is the time to start looking for seasonal employees.
Make Any Event Into A Networking Opportunity
Whether you're at a formal networking event or a party, here's how to make valuable professional connections.
How to Hire the Right Healthcare Executive
To avoid a costly mistake in hiring, follow these 5 tips when looking for the next leader of your organization.
Six Growing Careers in Healthcare
The healthcare field is going to see tremendous growth over the next 3 years, especially in certain jobs.
Don't Fear the Overqualified Candidate!
The recession has put a lot of very talented candidates back into the job pool. Don't let fear of their being overqualified keep you from hiring them.
How to Ruin Your Resume
Your resume needs an update -- a language update, that is. Take out the old, overused words that mean nothing and use active verbs and real results instead.
Upcoming Challenges in the Healthcare Industry
What are the biggest challenges facing healthcare organizations in the next several months? Here are some conclusions reached by PwC in a recent survey. 
Keep Your Nurses Happy
Nurse retention is becoming more crucial to hospitals and other healthcare organizations as the number of qualified nurses shrinks
Hospitals Are Increasing Sales Reps — To Sell Physicians on Hospitals

Hospitals and medical centers are hiring reps to make "sales calls" on physicians in the hope that they will send more patients to their facilities.

How to Negotiate Salary – From the Employer's Side of the Desk
Employers, recruiters and hiring managers need to do their own homework to ensure that the salaries they're offering are fair.
Is Perfectionism Spoiling Your Hiring Process?

If you spend too much time seeking the perfect candidate, who doesn't exist, you'll bring your hiring process to a standstill.

How to Gain a Competitive Edge in the Healthcare Job Market
If you are interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare industry, taking an hourly job in a related field can give you the hands-on skills you need.
The Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine and What It Can Mean for You
After decades of obscurity, a U.S. legal doctrine that holds corporate officers liable for company wrongdoing is being invoked in some high-profile healthcare prosecutions.
How Healthcare Executives Can Motivate Employees

Healthcare executives and supervisors need to get their employees to work smarter and more efficiently while retaining motivation. 

How the Medical Industry is Embracing the iPad (and other tablets)

The iPad  has been adopted by many doctors, hospitals and other healthcare organizations because of its ease of use and portability. Can it help EMRs become more widespread?

Managing “Generation Y” in Today’s Workplace

Generation Y employees bring a fresh perspective to the workplace and many positive qualities. Learn how to identify these and work with them.

5 Job Skills You Didn’t Know You Have

One of the first steps to take when embarking on a job search is identifying the skills you have that employers need. Knowing what you have to offer gives you the ability to sell yourself to employers and convince them to hire you. You have the skills. Now you need to identify them.

What Are the Top Trends in Healthcare Technology?

Healthcare Technology Online analyzed the articles they published in 2011 to see which ones garnered the most comments and discussion.

Would You Hire a Candidate With an Online Degree?

With more colleges and universities offering online degree programs, employers need to consider whether they consider such programs a viable source for candidates.

Is It Ever Okay to Hire Friends or Family?
While there may be positive aspects to hiring a friend or relative, most experts advise against it.

How to Handle Having Employment Gaps on Your Resume
These days, it’s not unusual to have gaps in your employment. Don’t let that scare you during your job search. Here’s how to put your best foot forward.
If Hospitals Become For-Profit, How Will This Affect the Healthcare Industry?
Both sides of the debate on hospitals becoming for-profit entities can make a strong case.
What Are the Latest Trends in Benefits and Compensation?
Two recent surveys have shown that benefits are becoming more comprehensive, and salaries are slowly rising, despite the slow economic recovery.
Thanks, But No Thanks: Why & How to Write Good Rejection

Too many companies neglect to send rejection letters to job seekers who didn’t make the cut. In addition to being rude, you could be creating a bad reputation for your company.

How to Ace a Medical Sales Job Interview

How to prepare yourself for an interview for a medical sales job, including how to do your research and what questions to expect.

FDA Rejects Recommendations to Change Medical Device Approval Process
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently asked the IOM to review its approval process for medical devices, then rejected their findings.
Are Social Media Profiles Making Traditional Resumes and Cover Letters Obsolete?

An argument for the importance of resumes and cover letters, for the time savings and convenience they provide to employers.

How to Reduce Turnover in Younger Employees
Working with the Millennials can be a challenge for managers. Here are tips to keep your young workforce motivated and reduce turnover.
Sell More Technology By Using Less Technical Language

Don't assume all of your IT sales prospects know everything about technology. In order to be successful in sales, use less technical language.

"Why Didn't You Hire Me?" How to Answer the Dreaded Question from Rejected Candidates

Here are some tips on how to handle rejected candidates who want to know why you didn't hire them.

Is Recruiting via Social Networks as Effective as Traditional Methods?
The internet and social media have created an effective new way of recruiting candidates. But are recruiting via social networks always the best choice? Or are traditional methods still a better choice? A staffing firm knows when to use social media and when to use traditional recruiting methods to help you find the best candidates.
Volunteer: Use Your Unemployed Time to Build Your Healthcare/Medical Experience and Enhance Your Resume
If you choose your volunteer activities wisely, they will show that you put your time off to good use, and that although you were not working, you were still improving your professional career.
Enhance the Appeal of your Medical Sales Jobs with Inexpensive Job Perks
Finding and keeping the best sales talent means developing and encouraging company loyalty.
Non-Traditional Methods for Finding Healthcare Candidates
In 2011, you need to have a broad strategy for finding top candidates for your healthcare positions, and you need to be more non-traditional in your methods.
When Should You Consider Relocating a Job Candidate?
If your local candidate pool is wide and deep enough, there's no need to consider relocating a candidate. However, for some levels and in some fields, it may be necessary to widen the radius of your search.
9 Ways to Improve Your Department's Retention Rate
According to the Human Resource Mamagement Association, the annual turnover rate among health care employees is more than 20 percent. One in five quit their jobs every year. In most other industries, the turnover rate is 12 to 15 percent.
5 Ways to Upsell Medical Equipment

Upselling medical equipment, like any other kind of upselling, means helping a customer understand the differences and trade-offs of one product over another, so they can quickly understand what they get if they pay more.

Use Phone Interviews to Narrow Down Your List of Job Candidates
The phone interview can be an effective tool in the screening process, helping you determine whether candidates are as good as they sound on paper, if they are articulate, and if they seem like a good potential match for the firm.
Tips for Applying for Out of State Healthcare Jobs
Applying for a healthcare job in a different state can be tricky. There is a myth that most recruiters or HR managers won't even consider an out-of-town candidate because they're afraid they'll be asked to pay for interview trips or relocation costs.
New FDA Rule Regarding Medical Device Data Systems Takes Effect
With the use of medical device data systems (MDDS) on the rise, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has implemented a rule that regulates how hardware manufacturers can introduce new MDDS for use by healthcare providers.
Background Checks: Are They Necessary?
Many employers are finding that conducting background checks on prospective employees is a key factor in making hiring decisions.
Why You Need an Employee Handbook
Whether you have five employees or 500, it's good to have a document that explains your workplace policies.
Have Successful Hospital-Physician Relationships
A recent study by the PwC Health Research Institute (HRI) found that there are three key things hospitals can do to have successful relationships with their employees.
Is a Sales “Formula” the Best Way to be Successful?
Unexpected variables often arise during the sales process that your sales formula may not prepare you for. Success should depend on your salesperson’s ability to react to every individual situation, not a tired formula.
To Be Successful In Sales, Know Your Competition
When you are putting together a sales pitch, knowing your product is not enough. You must know who your competition is, and what they are offering. It's time to perform a little competitive intelligence.
Sixteen Great Motivational Quotes for Salespeople
A great way to motivate your sales team is to inspire them with wisdom from the experts.
Being Persistent Without Being Pushy
Determination and persistence are great when you’re looking for a job, but where do you draw the line to avoid being annoying to potential employers?
Dress For Success – It’s Not an Outdated Concept
If you want to advance your career, you should always dress appropriately. Get the right kind of attention by presenting yourself well.
The Pros and Cons of Hiring “Seasoned” Sales Talent
There are pros and cons to hiring both seasoned and inexperienced sales staff. Which is best for your company?
The Pros and Cons of Hiring “Fresh” Sales Talent
There are pros and cons to hiring both seasoned and inexperienced sales staff. Which is best for your company?
Consistency is Key – How a Well-Defined Sales Process Will Help Your Business Thrive
Create a sales process that will help your company be profitable in any economic climate.
Five Questions You Can Expect to be Asked During a Sales Interview
Knowing what to expect in an interview for a sales position and being prepared for the questions can help you make the best impression.
FDA’s overhaul of 510(k) process will affect medical device industry.

 The FDA has announced upcoming changes to the approval process for low-risk medical devices. How can your biomedical sales business prepare for upcoming changes to the 510(k) process?

Building a Winning Sales Culture
In many businesses, the culture or work environment is something that is taken for granted. However, in the most successful businesses, culture is something that is deliberately built and evolved over time.
Hiring Top Performing Medical Sales Professionals
The difference between hiring an average sales professional and a top performer is astounding. In fact, studies have found that “superior” workers produce 50% more than an average worker.
Top Selling Human Pharmaceuticals of 2010
2010 saw the global pharmaceutical market grow to an astounding $850 billion—in spite of a challenging economy and unpredictable market conditions.
5 Ways to Keep Your Sales Team Focused
The end of the year generally sees a slow down in medical device and pharmaceutical sales.  Whether your prospects are too consumed with strategic....