America's largest healthcare recruiting firm.

We take special pride in the number, caliber and exclusivity of the positions for which we find candidates. We don’t work with entry-level job seekers. We specialize in talented, experienced and highly motivated individuals who have excelled in their present position and are ready to move to the next level.

Since we have close, long-term relationships with our clients, the open positions shown here are virtually all exclusive with us: you won’t find them on other recruiters’ websites. If you’re truly a standout in your particular area, we’d like to talk with you.

Questions our candidates frequently ask:

Does your firm work with entry level personnel or new graduates?
“Entry level” can mean different things to different companies. The Clients we serve typically require a minimum of 2-5 years’ outside business-to-business sales experience and a bachelor’s degree.

How often should I follow up with my executive recruiter after submitting my resume?
Our recruiters set the pace in our industry for speed and efficiency. After assessing the client’s requirements and evaluating your qualifications for a particular position, our recruiter will contact you if your resume is being submitted for consideration. Candidates under consideration are contacted on a regular basis throughout the interview process. Since all clients have unique interview and hiring procedures, the time it may take to receive feedback varies. You can be certain that you will be contacted immediately after the recruiter receives feedback regarding your resume or interview.

How often are your job postings updated?
We update our current openings weekly. Positions remain on our website until they are filled.

Do I need to submit a cover letter with my resume?
No. Our resume tracking system does not store cover letters.

Will I be considered for positions other than the one for which I applied?
Yes. When we receive your resume, it is entered in our database and is accessible to all the recruiters in our office, any one of whom might contact you about opportunities other than the original target position.

Will I be advised of opportunities you are pursuing in my behalf?
Absolutely. We explore an opportunity for you only after we have spoken to you about the opening and received permission to submit your resume.